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A charming Art Nouveau villa, recently restored; it was built betwen 1898 and 1908 after the design of the Milanese architect Francesco Carminati.

Winston Churchill paints at Villa Tarlarini

Churchill in Villa

From a newspaper dated 1945: “11 September. Churchill stayed in Villa Tarlarini, arriving yesterday in Fortino, between Laveno and Cerro, on Lake Maggiore, accompanied by his daughter, a high-ranking official and some British soldiers. In the garden during the course of the morning, he painted a large picture with the Head Curator, depicting Laveno with the lake in the background. After breakfast, he painted another picture, and in the afternoon they boarded a powerful motorboat with his daughter, and headed for Laveno. Around 18 o’clock, he took a powerful yellow Chevrolet, and took the road from Laveno to Varese. Along the way, Churchill stopped off to greet the crowds, and slowly passed through the main roads of Varese. After this, the car set off for Como, with two other case and two motorcycles."